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Quality and energy consumption
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Remote access
to all data

The EG Smart panel provides access to all real-time data and its archiving in one place.
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Wszystkie informacje Wszystkie informacje

Parameters on charts

Visualize key parameters in simple, clear bar, line and pie charts that facilitate data analysis.

Wykresy Wykresy

about alerts

Personalize the limit parameters according to your preferences and then receive notifications when they are exceeded.


EG Smart
system for monitoring power equipment

The EG Smart system offers comprehensive capabilities for monitoring and managing energy-related data. With advanced tools, it allows you to control costs related to energy consumption in real time. In addition, enhanced diagnostics give EG Smart users instant access to key parameters such as temperature and active and reactive power, enabling immediate response in the event of an emergency.

Main features of EG Smart

Alert information


Alert information

• Failures
• Exceedance of assumed energy consumption / increase in energy consumption
• Sudden voltage spikes/dips
• Sudden changes in assumed critical parameters subject to measurement, such as:
   › temperatures
   › active / reactive / apparent power
   › power factor of individual phases

Remote access to all data


Remote access to all data

• In real time, updated every minute
• Measurement history that can be exported
• Filtering the range of measured parameters
• History of all alerts
• Possibility to export to PDF, Excel format

Simultaneous access for multiple system users


Simultaneous access for multiple system users

• Simple and clear charts
• Setting of limit values
• Possibility to adjust time on charts
• Easy access to individual measurement settings on each charts


Other functions of the monitoring
EG Smart

• More than 36 measurements
• Visualizations on bar, line and pie charts
• Power failure control
• Minimum and maximum measurement values
• GPS location
• Export data to Excel
• Save reports to PDF
• Save charts to PNG
• Maintenance services
• EG Smart Helpdesk




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Simultaneous access for many system users

Monitor your energy infrastructure from anywhere with the remote reading function and adapt alerts to your needs.


Think about a system that constantly monitors key parameters.
EG Smart will allow you to avoid, prevent and make the right decision based on data, not hunches. Because it's better to know than to believe.
EG Smart will show you what we can parameterize and you will have full access to what is happening.


EG Smart - Quality and energy consumption fully monitored

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